Keeping Your Money Safe

Financial fraud and identity theft are the fastest growing crimes today and they can happen to anyone in hundreds of different ways. Exercising proper caution with personal information is the best form of protection. Explore the resources below to learn about common scams to be aware of and how to report fraud in the event you’ve been victimized.

Shopping Safely Online

Online shopping is quick, easy and allows you to shop around the globe from the convenience of your home, but before you add that item to your shopping cart for checkout, there are a few security tips you should know.

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Avoiding Identity Theft

What is identity theft? How can you avoid being victimized and protect your financial assets?

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Don’t get hooked from a cyber-criminal’s phishing scam. Recognize the phony bait before it’s too late.

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Fraud Against Seniors

A growing number of older Americans are becoming victims of financial fraud each year and it is estimated that 1 in 20 older Americans report being scammed (many do not report it at all).

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Protect Your Identity Week

Protect your financial future by learning how to spot the red flags of identity theft and financial fraud scams.

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