Military Financial Education

Financial Genius is committed to supporting members of the armed forces and their family members, and we understand that service in the U.S. Military can mean a life of mobility. Learning to manage money successfully can help you better deal with the uncertainties you face every day.

Your financial health is vital to your career in the military, whether it is for one tour or for 20 years. Lack of financial responsibility can cause a domino effect with other job responsibilities, which can possibly result in negative evaluations, loss of promotions, loss of security clearance, reduction in rank or even administrative discharge.

Communication is crucial for armed forces personnel and often families avoid talking about money. Some individuals do not learn how to plan their finances before entering active duty; married couples may argue about finances instead of openly discussing them; and parents do not always share their financial concerns or knowledge so that their military children can understand the situation.

Prioritizing your finances will enable you and your family to have better quality of life with less stress, more money in savings, improved purchasing power and increased financial security. Establishing a solid financial plan and reserve fund can prepare you for the challenges that life could throw your way.